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The architectural charm of the green Āgenskalns

“It watched the development of Riga for centuries, until it itself became a part of the city.”

- about the emergence of Āgenskalns
(author unknown)

The architecture of the houses of Āgenskalns intertwines different eras - from classicism and reflections of national romanticism to modern architecture.

People appreciate the magic of Āgenskalns not only nowadays, many personalities important to Latvia once lived here and liked this place. The theatre patriarch Eduards Smilģis lived here, the poets Ojārs Vācietis and Aleksandrs Čaks expressed their love for Āgenskalns, and the cultural layer of Pārdaugava was thick here. Āgenskalns is a sought-after place to live, which is facilitated not only by the special aura of the neighbourhood, but also by the green surroundings.

Nameja Rezidence

Unique places to visit for every future resident of Āgenskalns

The building of the National Library of Latvia -

a few steps away from Nameja Rezidence. Castle of Light - a unique cultural object of Riga for the inquisitive and those who love the view.

Nameja Rezidence

Māras dīķis (Māra pond) -

the most remote park to watch fishermen and swans dance. The place where the poet Ojārs Vācietis got inspiration for his poems while walking.

Nameja Rezidence

Kalnciema quarter -

one of the liveliest cultural centres in Riga, where open-air concerts, markets and art exhibitions regularly take place. There are also commercial areas, where the ideas and masterpieces of architects, designers and representatives of other creative fields are born.

Nameja Rezidence

AB Dambis -
cultural oasis

Kliversala's 30,000 square meter strip of land in Daugava is a place to enjoy culture - art exhibitions and concerts are held on the barge “Noass”, cafes are open, here you can enjoy the view of the Riga panorama and see the large Latvian flag installed in 2017.

Nameja Rezidence

An excellent place for enjoying active recreation

The park located over a hundred meters from Nameja Rezidence, with the Mārupīte river flowing through it and 114 sakura trees, which Riga received as a gift from Japan. In the 36.7 ha park, which stretches across Slokas and Bāriņu streets, active recreation areas are available both in summer and in winter. Next to it - a bowling hall with facilities for squash.

Nameja Rezidence

Āgenskalns market

The market building, built in 1893, is a unique example of the labour-saving art nouveau style of the beginning of the 20th century. Renovated in 2022, it attracts an ever-wider audience with fairs, concerts, a food court and craft markets.

Nameja Rezidence

We invite you to learn more about the neighborhood and get to know the most interesting places by going for a walk with the Āgenskalna vietzīmes 2021 (Āgenskalns placemarks 2021) guide created by the Āgenskalns neighborhood association.


City and nature at your fingertips

Bus station – 2,7km
Old Riga – 2,6km


  • Confectionery – 1,2km / 15min
  • Āgenskalns market – 1,5km / 18min
  • Cafe Visi Savējie – 1,4km, 18min
  • Restaurant Fazenda – 500m / 6min
  • Cafe Kalnciema Ezītis Miglā – 1,4km / 18min


  • Pepsi bowling and recreation centre – 200m / 3min
  • RTU Ķīpsala swimming pool – 1,1km / 15min
  • Kalnciema quarter – 1,8km / 23min
  • Art Centre “Noass” – 900m / 11min
  • Shopping mall “Olympia” – 750m / 9min
  • Shopping mall “Rīga Plaza” – 2,1km / 26min
  • Museum of Eduards Smiļģis – 1,2km / 16min
  • Latvian Railway Museum – 220m / 3min
  • Mystero theatre – 1,8km / 22min


  • Pauls Stradin’s Hospital – 2km / 25min
  • Children's Clinical University Hospital – 2,1km / 27min
  • Veterinary clinic – 1,4km / 18min


  • Latvian National Library – 450m / 6min
  • Kindergarten – 180m / 2min
  • Fricis Brīvzemnieks elementary school – 1,3km / 16min
  • Āgenskalns State Gymnasium – 1,4km / 17min
  • Emīls Dārziņš Music School – 1,1km / 14min
  • University of Latvia House of Science – 950m / 12min
  • RISEBA – 850m / 11min
  • Sports School Arkādija - sports and recreation centre – 850m / 11min
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