Developer - Hepsor

Energy class A homes

Developer of housing and business projects for 11 years. Hepsor does not simply build buildings, but creates homes for people and companies. One of the most innovative developers of the environmentally friendly concept in Latvia.

A place to enjoy the energy provided by nature

The project will include a thought-out environmental layout, with an emphasis on a peaceful recreation area. It includes a closed and landscaped area, a fence, pavement, and luscious greenery.

* Available for moving in 1st Q 2025.

A+ energy efficiency

39 parking spaces


22 storages


Architectural practice

MARK Arhitekti

An architectural practice where leading architects have 15 years of professional experience in the architectural field. Intensely participate in local and international architectural contests, where have already gained considerable recognition and success.


Interior designer


A duo of designers - Vineta Millere and Zanda Vjuna. “We believe that the environment in which we live has to reflect our individuality and lifestyle. We understand the needs and personality of our customers, and we work with the goal of creating a unique, beautiful and functional environment.


General contractor - Mitt&Perlebach

A construction contractor with experience in the construction of apartment buildings, warehouses and commercial properties, whose work is guided by uncompromising quality and keeping promises.


How to buy Your new home in the new project Annenhof Mājas?



It is possible to reserve the apartment verbally for one week at no extra charge. After that, a written reservation agreement is concluded with the client, which is valid for three weeks until the preliminary purchase agreement of real estate is concluded. To confirm the purchase request, the buyer pays an advance payment of 1000 euros when signing the reservation agreement. We conclude the reservation agreement to provide the buyer with the specific apartment.

Preliminary purchase agreement

If the client buys real estate during the construction of the building, a preliminary real estate purchase agreement is concluded, in which all details of the transaction are agreed upon. When concluding a preliminary purchase agreement, the buyer pays 10% of the purchase amount.

Purchase agreement

After the real estate building is put into operation, a purchase agreement is concluded, where the buyer pays the remaining part of the purchase amount in the amount of 90%, if a preliminary purchase agreement was concluded before that. If the transaction is carried out after the building has been put into operation and a preliminary purchase agreement was not concluded beforehand, the buyer pays the purchase amount in full.

Handover of keys

After registration of ownership in the buyer's name and receipt of the full purchase price, the keys to the property are handed over to the client.

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Olita Mestere

Sales project manager

Madara Ceske

Head of Sales and Marketing
Office address
Citadeles iela 12, Riga
Project address
Jūrmalas gatve 74, Riga

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